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About Vibe Designs

We are passionate professional affordable website designers / graphics designers that design and develop websites, logos, business cards, flyers and much more. Find out about all our services by clicking here.

The passion for website design started in the year of 2004 for the founder Greg Beckett, which he compliments nearly 10 years experience in technical server administration, website design, graphics design and always friendly high quality customer service.

We strongly believe and like the feeling of putting a face and a concept of information to the world wide web, we acknowledge and have strong experience in creative and adaptive skills of website design starting with HTML coding but also JavaScript, PHP and then Graphically with strong Adobe Photoshop skills. We feel that graphics make the design of a business more exciting, as pictures always hit the eyes of consumers first, this key factor goes to show in our work.

As always when it comes to business and design we are always looking for ways to improve our notions so it means that our websites always get upgraded with the times which we feel is important. To put a face and design onto the Internet it needs to be updated, We help user/client ability to update their websites themselves with user interfaces, information that remains current impresses the visitors of your website also known as hits in technical terms.

With all our team having over 5 years experience, we work hard to show that all our designs are unique to the client or business, the name Vibe Designs was launched at the start of 2012 and we would like to welcome all our new clients and customers. If at any point you would like further information, please feel free to contact us straight away via phone, email or visit.

We have a forever growing portfolio of designs for websites, graphic design, promotional flyers, logo design, business cards etc. And we are proud of the impressive and exciting edge it appears to gives out to all our clients.

Why not Get your VIBE today, contact us and find out more information with the following links...

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Greg Beckett

Founder, Creativity Master

Passionate experienced hard-work driven individual.

Our Studio & Office

We feel it is important to show our designs and ideas in a professional environment.
So you can arrange via appointment a visit to our studio, where we can meet you personally to learn and find out whats important to you, contact us.

Additional information

  • Why choose us?
    • We always offer a competitive price, as mentioned all over our website and business project line: we are very experienced in what we do, we connect personally with each and every client/business to make sure they get exactly what they want. And our new and existing clients all have the same importance, all our clients notions come first, We look after our clients, new or old!

  • What important about graphics and website design?
    • We feel that the world is on a fast movement towards the internet, the internet is a powerful tool with pretty much every home having a computer. People now search the internet for all types of information, so making sure your business has a website or social media connection is very important.
      As for graphics design, we feel that graphically designing your business or idea is what catches peoples eyes before reading information. We can incorporate a logo and graphics design across your website then onto business cards and flyer promotions which makes your idea/business look passionate and professional.
      If you are unsure about graphics or website design feel free to contact us for a free consultation either via visit to our studio or  via phone or email.

  • Our customer service
    • We feel that being friendly and comforting to every client is very important, and we take our customer service very seriously.
      One thing you might have already noticed is that we feel it important for all new or old clients to get intouch and contact us about any queries or questions they might have.
      We are always here, always offering a welcoming hand or conversation to every individual.