Trying to research how to take a business or startup from concept and idea to a launched business is a complicated and confusing task. There are a million and one articles, posts, books, apps, YouTube videos…..the list is endless!

For those non-techie people out there (the vast majority) this research can be so overwhelming that their idea never takes off the ground. It’s a shame.

With a startup business idea you need to consider the very foundations such as:

  • Is my business idea breaking any copyright, trademarks or patents?
  • Is there a market (customers looking for your product and service) already, or is this a brand new concept?
    • It’s worth noting that brand new concepts are much harder to find an audience for. Nothing though is impossible!
  • Can you identify where to find customers for your business? – whether this is to market to, advertise to or promote to?
  • Have you been able to work out that you can make your business profitable (i.e. that for each sale of your product or service you will earn more from your customers than it will cost to produce or provide)?
If you can answer Yes to each of the above questions – congratulations, you may just have a great business idea.

At this stage you also need to be thinking of promotion. Getting your business in front of your future customers. This is where your web designer can be of help!

Your web designer can provide all sorts of advice and information about the possibilities of taking your business idea online – how to market and promote your website to your customers, and provide lots of insightful nuggets of knowledge based on their insider knowledge.

If you have a great business idea get in touch with us. We not only are great guys and very knowledgeable in our field (with 15 years of experience) but can help you from start to finish to take your business online.

We offer Pay Monthly Website Design yes, but don’t confuse us for self-service online builders such as Wix etc… . unlike those services we are here to talk to you, support you, help you on your journey – and with a fixed monthly fee for your website which includes all maintenance and support.

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